No Toy Boys
Olympia, Washington
1973 ~ Present


Tom Alvord ~ Guitar, Pedal Steel, Bass, Vocals
Joe Cason ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Scott Ensign ~ Bass
Craig Foster ~ Saxophone, Guitar, Bass
Bob Hart ~ Guitar, Vocals
Tyke Kuhlmann ~ Drums
Steve Parton ~ Drums
Mark Rensel ~ Drums
Larry Whiteman ~ Bass
Bruce Whitney ~ Bass, Piano

I joined in 1977.  From  1977 until present... we still gig one or two times a year.  Man,  we tore up Evergreen State College with our Grateful Dead music !!

Tyke Kuhlmann, January 2006

This band started in 1973. At the time the roster was:  Tom Alvord, Bob Hart, Joe Cason, Scott Ensign, and Steve Parton

Steve Parton, November 2008

Tom, Bob, Joe and Steve, I thank you for letting me be a participant in some great music!  What a blast that was!

Scott Ensign, September 2012

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Last Update:  9 January 2013
Credits:   Darryl Riffero, Tyke Kuhlmann, Steve Parton, Scott Ensign, M&L Records & Models
Band # 496