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Jerry Bailey & Soul Revolution
The Chaotics (Sumner)
Ron Tabak Band 
The Anvil Chorus
Maia Santell & House Blend
Red Beans & Rice
Natural Groove
In Memory of
The Playboys
Jerry Bailey & Soul Revolution
Troutlake Tavern
Road House
No Dogs Allowed
The Seaway
Missouri Freeze
Saints Dixiland Band
The Ventures
Tex Mitchell Band
Jim Brady & The Sonics
The Panics
Mercy Boys
Play it Again S.A.M.
Velvet Illusions
Strange Movies
Casey's, Lewiston, Idaho
Easy Chair
Anzio Express
Palace Meat Market
Peter Brown Band
Tex Mitchell Band
Blues Print
Man Sized Wads
Green Lake Aqua Theater
Salem Armory Auditorium
Passion Flower Hotel
Johnie Fair & The Soul Searchers
Plaquato Ballroom
Hot n Nasty
Tiffany's Skate Inn - Kent
Green Lake Aqua Theater
The Spanish Castle
The Vigilantes
In Memory of
The Deacons
The Fifth Wall
The Vomitones
Trials of Jayson Hoover
Pirannah Brothers
Night Train Revue
The Shockers
Black Snake Blues Band
Soul Society

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