Nyanza - Tacoma - Photo Courtesy of Tim Hall
Tacoma, Washington
1977 - 1987


Freddy Allen ~ Drums, Vocals
Gary Chester ~ Guitar, Vocals
Jay Combs - Bass
Dave Cozart ~ Bass, Vocals
Pete Dahl - Bass, Vocals
Thom DeRosa ~ Bass, Vocals
Tim Hall ~ Guitar, Vocals
Darrel Krueger ~ Guitar, Vocals
Joe Mama ~ Keyboards
Bill Palmanteer ~ Drums, Vocals
Fred Parks ~ Bass, Vocals
Dave Richards ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Dan Rogers ~ Bass, Vocals
Dave Wold ~ Keyboards
Jim Young ~ Drums, Vocals

Chuck Nottle ~ Sound and Lights

In Memory of

Bill Palmanteer

Nyanza - Tacoma - Photo courtesy of Tim Hall

Nyanza was mainly a top 40 band that worked all the surrounding clubs in the Tacoma, Olympia area as well as playing throughout Washington, Oregon and Montana. We thought that we had a very unique song list, playing more obsure songs than most of the bands of that period. We also enjoyed playing many of our own original tunes.

Tim Hall, December 2003

I had many years playing with this band, in fact they were very memorable to me.  We had done a lot of road and home gigs throughout the 80’s in a lot of ways Tim helped me grow as a individual and a player.  I will never forget that. Thanks Tim.

Oh by the Way, I hope you remember the sandwiches at the Nordic Inn, Tim

Freddy Allen, July 2008

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Last Update:  14 March 2012
Credits: Tim Hall, Freddy Allen, Gary Chester
Band # 1390