Ed, Marty, Mark, Floyd, Todd
Seattle, Washington
1978 ~ 1980


Ed Busey ~ Bass, Vocals
Todd Colebrook ~ Guitar, Vocals
Marty Richards ~ Drums, Vocals
Floyd Rose ~ Vocals
Mark Von Beck ~ Guitar, Vocals


Bob Compton
Deane Nault

In Memory of

Mark Paul von Beck
Born in Seattle, WA on Nov. 21, 1957
Departed on Aug. 11, 2013
Resided in Marysville, WA.


Floyd Rose had some success with a patent on a "wanger" bar.

Ed Busey, February 2001

Todd Colebrook is now a captain with AirTran airlines on the East Coast and has a home in Port Ludlow, WA with his wife, Cindy, a Stanford grad and 757 captain for UPS.

Bill Cobbledick, March 2007

I met Mark when he first started playing in bands as a child prodigy.  What an amazing talent!  I have some recordings of him doing covers of Van Halen.  I know he studied at Cornish and was a guitar teacher.  Last I new he was living in Vancouver, WA.

Rand Parsons, December 2013

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Last Update:  4 December 2013
Credits:  Larry Baker, Ed Busey, Andy Volmer, Deane Nault, Bill Cobbledick, Rand Parsons
Band # 0045