Ellensburg-Seattle, Washington
1977 - 1981


Original Members

John Albright ~ Keyboards
Paul Barber ~ Guitar
Kevin Jones ~  Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Steve Smith ~ Drums

Later Members

Phil Patterson ~ Guitar
Kari Sandvik ~ Vocals

Guest Musicians

Mike Mattingly ~ Guitar
Brian Olendorf ~ Keyboards
John Schwinberg ~ Bass


Doyle Myers ~ Sound

Opus was originally formed in Ellensburg.  Members were all CWSC/CWU students.

Kevin Jones  was on Bass & Lead Vocal; John Albright - Keyboards; Steve Smith - Drums and Paul on Guitar.  Paul left the group after a short Canadian tour.

A later incarnation had Phil Patterson on guitar and added Kari Sandvik on vocals.

The original line-up was an amazing band.

Albert Engebretson, May 2007

Opus did some great originals in addition to flawlessly covering Steely Dan, Jackson Brown, The Police, and others from the late 70s and early 80s.

I ran sound for the band for a year or so in around 1980/81, and one of my fondest memories is of one night when, in response to Phil Patterson's Tom Petty-esque sprechstimme "You don't ... have ... to live like a refugee", the rest of the band replied in their usual perfect harmony "PHIL has to live like a ref-u-gee".

I still catch myself humming some of their originals to this day.  I don't think I've heard a better college band before or since.

Doyle Myers, January 2009 

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Last Update:  30 January 2009
Credits: Kevin Jones, Albert Engebretson, Doyle Myers
Band # 1069