Orphan Annie
AKA: Orphin Anny
Spokane, Washington
1970 - 1973


Richard Bryant ~ Vocals
Stevie Jones ~ Drums
Rick Laush ~ Keyboards
Vaughn McKelvey ~ Guitar
Juan Novo "Tito" ~ Congas, Timbales, Percussion
Earl Roberts ~ Bass
John Saba ~ Guitar

Orphin Annie - Photo Courtesy of Juan Tito Novo
Juan "Tito" Novo, Richard Bryant, Earl Roberts, John Saba, Rick Laush, Vaughn McKelvey, Stevie Jones - 1971

Photo Courtesy of Juan Tito Novo
Juan "Tito" Novo - 1971

I left Orphan Annie in 1972 and moved to San Francisco to join the all-original group, FAT CITY, headed by ex-Cold Blood drummer, Sandy McGee. FAT CITY was contracted by Kid Stuff, a division of Warner Bros. Today I make custom musical instruments and live in Florida. My website is www.jnovoheadjoints.com

Juan "Tito" Novo,July 2005

Photo Courtesy of Juan Tito Novo
Juan "Tito" Novo - 1972

Orphan Annie moved to Seattle sometime around '74 or '75 and lasted for another several years. Rich was still the lead vocalist, John Saba played guitar, and Tim Kelliher (now in City Zu, also the original drummer in the Randy Hansen group) was on drums.

Steve Leathart, November 2004

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Last Update: 16 June 2010
Credits:  Rick Laush, Steve Leathart, Tim Kelliher, Juan Novo, Vaughn McKelvey
Band # 1373