Orphin Anny - Seattle, WA - Photo Courtesy of Tim Kelliher
Orphin Anny
AKA: Orphan Annie
Seattle, Washington
1974 - 1976


Aaron Bochee ~ Bass
Richard Bryant ~ Vocals
Stevie Jones ~ Drums
Tim Kelliher ~ Drums, Vocals
Rick Laush ~ Keyboards
Vaughn McKelvey ~ Guitar
Tom Norton ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Earl Roberts ~ Bass
John Saba ~ Guitar, Vocals
Marty Woodard ~ Keyboards
Ty Woodruff ~ Drums

Orphin Anny (1975), Courtesy of Marty Woodard
The last promo shot taken of Orphin Anny (1975), Courtesy of Marty Woodard

Orphan Annie moved to Seattle sometime around '74 or '75 and lasted for another several years as Orphin Anny. Rich was still the lead vocalist, John Saba played guitar, and Tim Kelliher (now in City Zu, also the original drummer in the Randy Hansen group) was on drums.
Steve Leathart, November 2004

Richard Bryant went on to be a backup singer for the Doobie Brothers and the Little River Band.

Tim Kelliher, January 2004

Orphin Anny performed in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and British Columbia with Far West Entertainment doing our bookings.  We played a lot of one nighters and taverns such as Goofy's - Spokane, Goofy's - Ellensburg, El Patio - Stateline ID, Zodiac - Walla Walla, Baldy's - Milton WA, No Dogs Allowed - Portland, etc.  Our band house was just north of Ballard, we all originated from either Seattle or Spokane.  Great music and adventure!

Orphin Anny in its final form, was as follows:

Ty Woodruff ~ Drums
Aaron Bochet ~ Bass
Richard Bryant ~ Lead Vocals
Marty Woodard~- Keyboards
Vaughn McKelvey ~ Guitar

Marty Woodard, October 2007

Aaron Bochee is one of my close friends, and see him every week.  He and I were roommates back in about 73.  Aaron is presently with The Perones and fomerly with Rendezvous.  Both bands are listed on this site.

Chuck Burbank, November 2007

Orphin Anny 1976 Appearances

02/07/76 El Patio Bar State Line, ID
02/28/76 Baldy's Tavern Milton, WA
03/01/76 Lum Lee's Bar Corvallis, OR
03/06/76 Kirk Key Tavern Kirkland, WA
03/13/76 Rocker Tavern Aberdeen, WA
03/20/76 Mormon Church Dance Bellevue, WA
03/27/76 The Back Forty Lakewood, WA
04/02/76 Seattle University Dorm Seattle, WA
04/03/76 Natasha's Bremerton, WA
04/10/76 El Patio State Line, ID
04/17/76 Goofy's Tavern Spokane, WA
04/23/76 The Body Shop Vancouver, BC
04/24/76 WSU-CUB Pullman, WA
04/30/76 Lakes High School Tacoma, WA
05/01/76 Beta House Walla Walla, WA
05/07/76 WSU @ Johnson Ave. Grange Pullman, WA
05/08/76 Coeur d' Alene High School Coeur d' Alene, ID
05/15/76 Lost Knight Tacoma, WA
05/22/76 Sheraton Ballroom Spokane, WA
05/27/76 Bogies Bend, OR
05/28/76 Lewiston Community Center Lewiston, ID
05/29/76 Cottonwood Teen Dance Cottonwood, ID
06/04/76 Pasco Armory Pasco, WA
06/05/76 Friday Harbor High School Friday Harbor, WA
06/12/76 No Dogs Allowed Portland, OR
06/19/76 Zodiac Tavern Walla Walla, WA
06/26/76 Angus Og's Pullman, WA
07/03/76 Goofy's Tavern Ellensburg, WA

Gig List Courtesy of Marty Woodard

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Credits:  Jay Laush, Steve Leathart, Tim Kelliher, Marty Woodard, Chuck Burbank, Vaughn McKelvey
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