Doug, Larry and Mark
Photo Courtesy of Larry Prentice

Otis and The Elevators
Seattle, Washington
1986 - 1987


Mark Bodine ~ Drums, Vocals
Doug "Otis" Kearny ~ Guitar, Vocals
Larry Prentice ~ Organ, Piano, Key Bass, Vocals

In Memory of

Larry Prentice
d:  February 2010

Larry on keys  -  Photo Courtesy of Larry Prentice

We performed six nights a week for quite a while, but when the guitar player got married and got a day job, and I went to work at Todd Shipyards, we just played weekend at clubs in Pioneer Square and Capital Hill.  We played about 75% 1960's rock and 25% Southern R&B.

Larry Prentice, September 2002

"Lightenin" Doug Kearny and Mark Bodine.  Two excellent musicians
Photo Courtesy of Larry Prentice

Larry Prentice "Groovin' on a Sunny Afternoon" at Martha Lake, August 1987
Photo Courtesy of Larry Prentice
Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members of this group include: Don and The Premiers, Steve Bailey and the Blue Flames, Shade and the Cheeky Dames, and many others NW bands.

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Last Update: 15 February 2010
Credits: Larry Prentice, Chris Ronning
Band # 980