Seattle, Washington

Outlawed II

Mark Barecca ~ Keyboards
John Glasser ~ Drums
Sam Hanson ~ Lead Guitar
Billy Ray ~ Vocals
Randy Nelson ~ Bass, Vocals


Les Cuddeback ~ Roadie, Sound
Hugh Cummings ~ Roadie


Outlawd was the second version of Outlawed. We changed the spelling for the second version of the band to OUTLAWD.

Randy Nelson:  Played with Randy Hansen

John Glasser:  Owns All Purpose Door Repair

Marc Barreca:  Currently a Seattle Attorney but has continued with music.

Billy Ray:  Owner of Butch Productions Recording Studio, The Billy Ray Band, TheBillyRayBand, and  Managing Member the Phoenix Group LLC

Sam Hanson:  Now resides in Florida and works as an electrician.

Hugh Cummings from Coeur Delaine Idaho was our # 1 Roadie

Les Cuddeback was our sound Man and he also worked for Heart

My ex-wife, Debbie, who later became known as Samantha, died on the 23rd of May 2009 after an extended illness.  She was so very supportive of my musical efforts way back when with both versions of the band.

Billy Ray, June 2009

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