Courtesy of Denny Weston
Pageboys with Janice Adams
The Pageboys
AKA:  Noises & Sounds
Moses Lake, Washington
1963  ~ 1966


Janice Adams ~ Vocals
Spencer Clark ~ Bass
Dan Dazell ~ Drums
Gary Swiegert ~ Bass
Dennis Weston ~ Drums
Jack White ~ Guitar, Vocals
Bob Wikstrom ~ Keyboards

My old drummer, Dan Dazell, checked in a few days ago.  Hadn't talked with him in probably 15 years.  Said he was following The Sonics and their reunion a couple of months ago.  He reminded me about one of the times we (The Pageboys) were playing the Red Carpet.  It was a two band show.  The other band being The Sonics.  As the story goes, we introduced a new original instrumental tune during our set called "Zulu".  It was a 1-4-5, heavy drums in G with the guitar player playing a barred G-7 up to a G#-7 and back as the 1.  He remembers it as real close to The Witch.  I, of course, had way too many Budweisers to remember the gig at all.  Although I do remember playing The Red Carpet several times around the time we had our one hit out "Our Love".   Next time I see Parypa I'll have to ask him if he remembers.

Bob Wikstrom, January 2008.

Courtesy of Denny Weston
14 July 1965 - Courtesy of Denny Weston

Clipping Courtesy of Bill Dean

Dan Dazell replaced Denny Weston when Denny left for the Army in 1964.  Janice Adams and Denny Weston married in 1965.  Gary Swiegert was later replaced by Spence Clark.

Denny Weston, September 2010

Courtesy of Denny Weston

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Credits: Bob Wikstrom, Don Rogers, Denny Weston, Bill Dean
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