Rick Solberg, Dave Willis, Mark Wanless, Curt Ducken, Tom Reed, Melissa Reed
Paid n Full
Oak Harbor, Washington
2010 - Present


Curtis Ducken ~ Drums, Percussion
Melissa Reed ~ Backup Vocals
Tom Reed ~ Guitar, Vocals
Rick Soulberg ~ Tenor Saxophone, Fute
Mark Wanless ~ Bass, Vocals
Dave Willis ~ Guitar, Vocals


Stu Grovdahl ~ Bass, Vocals
Kelly Haley ~ Lead Guitar, Banjo, Vocals
Patrick "Hammer" Hammer ~ Bass
Thomas Hubbard ~ Tenor Saxophone, Harp
Madison Shipley ~ Alto & Tenor Saxophone
Billy Springer ~ Lead Guitar

We have a new bass player, Patrick Hammer “Hammer”.

Curt Ducken, April 2013

About Early 2011
Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members of this group include:  WarbuckRockin’ Chair, Time Piece Past Due, Night Flight, Milton Freewater, Sagebrush, Crossfire, Hooverspoon, Timberline Express, Wickersham and many other NW bands.

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Last Update:  5 April 2013
Credits: Curt Ducken
Band # 2817