Walt Tetsloft,  Mark Yde,  Ron Newton,  Stew?
Tacoma, Washington
1975 - 1989


Kevin Hall ~ Bass
Ron Newton ~ Drums
Walt Tetzlaff ~ Guitar, Vocals
Mark Yde ~ Guitar, Vocals
Stew ? ~ Bass

In Memory of

Ron Newton
d:  1993

Mark Yde
Paige was a 60’s Beatles tribute band that was based out of Tacoma.  The band was led by Walt Tetsloft (John Lennon).  Ron Newton was Walt's longtime and faithful drummer, Kevin Hall played an 8 string Rickenbacher bass and an original Hofner Beatle bass.  I sang all of the McCartney parts along with Walt, usually on the same microphone, and played guitar.  Paige had toured exclusively in Canada for some time before I joined the band, apparently because their guitar player was Canadian and could not play in the United States.  The lads wanted to stay closer to home, so they hired an American musician (Me).  Beatles were our specialty, right down to our Beatle boots, haircuts, custom made suits by Walt's wife, Vox amps, Rickenbacher guitars……you name it. We also started doing a Paul Revere & the Raiders show. The suits we wore for the PR&R show were so stunning we would get applause when we walked from the dressing room to the stage in single file fashion. The bands vocals were impeccable. Late 70’s to ?.

Mark Yde, April 2008

Mark, Ron, Walt, and Kevin Hall, with his 8 string Rickenbacker Bass.
Fog Cutter Restaurant & Lounge.  Federal Way.  "84

Mark,  Ron,  Kevin Hall,  Walt

 The Classic Restaurant & Lounge in Gig Harbor.

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Last Update:  15 March 2015
Credits:  Mark Yde, Pam Newton, Jon Tetzlaff

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