Image Courtesy of Ed Nadorozny
Painted Ship
Vancouver, British Columbia
1965 ~ 1968

Original Members

Bill Hay ~ Vocals, Harp
Barry Rowden ~ Drums
Bob Rowden ~ Guitar
Ken Wain ~ Organ

Later Members

Gary Connor ~ Bass
Joe Conroy ~ Guitar
Barry Forrester ~ Guitar
Chris Huntley ~ Bass
Tom Keeling ~ Keyboards
Brian Kelly ~ Bass
Larry Kovich ~ Guitar
Jim McGillvary ~ Drums
Sharlene (Sonny) ~ Occasional Tambourine
Barry Simpson ~ Keyboards
Spenser Sulton ~ Keyboards
Danny Tapanella ~ Guitar
Lou Wade ~ Drums
Ken Warren ~ Keyboards
John Webber ~ Drums
Dave Whiting ~ Drums

In Memory of

Barry Rowden  (d: 15 July 2010)

Image Courtesy of

London Recording Artists
Audience Reflections/And She Said Yes

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Last Update:  14 December 2013
Credits: Ed Nadorozny, Daynalyn Wain, Bill Hay, Roger Stomperud, Larry Greene,, Ron Good, Glenn Rowden

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