Panama - Photo 'borrowed' frm the Panama Website
Seattle, Washington
1997 - 2005


Joel Johnson ~ Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Lewis ~ Guitar, Vocals
Rick Myerson ~ Drums, Vocals
Steve Schiffman ~ Bass, Vocals


Dale Beaushaw ~ Guitar
Reggie Carter ~ Vocals
"Johnnie" Cisznewski ~ Keyboards
Joe Cox ~ Bass
Eddy Ferguson ~ Bass
Micah Jones ~ Guitar
Bruce Snyder ~ Bass
Gregg Stewart ~ Bass
Mary Studebaker ~ Vocals
Glen Talley ~ Guitar
C.J. Webb ~ Guitar
Frank ? ~ Keyboards
Rocky "Roccoco" ~ Percussion

In Memory of

Steve Schiffman ~ Bass

Panama - 1997 - Photo Courtesy of Joel Johnson
Reggie, Johnny, Rick, Craig, and Joe

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in this group include: Blue Mountain Eagle, Clear Logic, Suburbia, The SUNN, Boss Blues, Cincinnati Rail, Cooper Butterfly, Don and the Premiers, Sweet Talkin' Jones,  and many other NW bands.

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Last Update: 18 April 2017
Credits: Joel Johnson
Band # 1755