Panama Orange Tree - Photo Courtesy of Jeff Morgan
Jeff Morgan, Sid Ostrander, Gary Brand, George DePew, Walt Matheson
Photo Courtesy of Jeff Morgan
Panama Orange Tree
Tacoma, Washington
1968 - 1969


Terry Bailey ~ Lead Guitar
Gary Brand ~ Drums
George DePew ~ Lead Guitar
Chuck Doten ~ Drums
Walt Matheson ~ Bass
Jeff Morgan ~ Vox Organ
Sid Ostrander ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals

In Memory of

Sid Ostrander

Terry Bailey
(25 April 1947 - 20 April 2002)
Terry lost his battle with cancer just five days short of his 55th Birthday

The Panama Orange Tree 1968-1969 was a spin-off of The Mergers.  They played mainly college gigs including drunken UPS frat parties at Sunshine Hall among the most memorable.  The Panama Orange Tree was typical of the psychedelic era, doing Steppinwolf, originals, long instrumentals, Cream, Hendrix, The Who, The Doors, etc.  Personnel:  Sid Ostrander:  Lead Guitar,  Gary Brand:  Drums:  Jeff Morgan: Vox Organ, Walt Matheson:  Bass.

Later, Sid did vocals and George DePew was enlisted on Lead Guitar.  Gary went in the Navy, and Chuck Doten took over on Drums.  George left, and lead guitar went back to Sid, but occasionally (get this) the guitar would be left out, and the organ was run through a fuzz box.  Later, Terry Bailey came in on lead until the band broke up.

Jeff Morgan, May 2002

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