The Panics
Seattle, Washington
Abt 1959 - 1963


Jim Brady - Keyboards
Jerry Hohl ~ Drums
Joe Johnson ~ Guitar
Ken Piatt ~ Bass

In Memory of

Jim Brady  (d:  4 Dec 2014)

Jerry Hohl was born and grew up in Bellingham, WA.  His father's occupation transferred the family to Seattle, WA where Jerry, while in high school, got together with some others and formed a band calling themselves THE PANICS: Jerry Hohl, Jim Brady (Jim, later went on to Jim Brady & The Sonics recording on JERDEN records), Joe Johnson and Ken Piatt. The band cut a record on the HICKMAN label "Panic/Blues After Hours" (1959). The record got some play on KJR by DJ promoter Pat O'Day and he advertised where the band was playing at the time.  Jerry Hohl, eventually, moved back to Bellingham to go to college and joined a band called THE TOGGERIES.

Information gathered from Jerry Hohl by Jim Doidge - June 2003

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Last Update:  6 December 2014
Credits:  Jim Doidge, Jerry Hohl, Scott Batchelder
Band # 1265