Tacoma, Washington
1998 ~ Present


Charlie Gould ~ Bass
Mike Jaap ~ Keyboards
Kurt Kolstad ~ Drums
Val Vontourne ~ Vocals
Randy Wallace ~ Guitar

This band performs virtually any style of music... from Jazz to country, R&B, to Rock.  Parable loves to play Contemporary Christian, and Praise & Worship, but will play what ever is called for.  Our goal is to inspire through music the gift of life God has given us.

Music can reach the heart of the broken hearted long before a preacher or a seminar can.  Our hope is to bring hope to the hopeless while letting them know that we all have our tough seasons.  Those seasons will pass and Joy awaits for all who seek it through God.

For Information and Bookings Contact:  Kurt Kolstad
Tel:  253-535-3646
Some of the early Pacific Northwest music groups represented today in members of Parable include: Proof of Purchase, Alive and Well, Mineral Water, Living Proof, Seattle All Stars, The Bill Franklin Quartet, Reputations, Space, Genesis, Five Pound Smile, and MainSteam

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Last Update:  28 July 2011
Credits: Kurt Kolstad
Band # 279