Patch - Photo courtesy of Chris Ronning
Ballard, Washington
1970 - 1974


Chris Bock ~ Guitar
Glen Collinson ~ Guitar
Dennis Craig ~ Bass
Pam Olsen ~ Vocals
Chris Ronning ~ Guitar, Keyboards
Keith Skruggs ~ Drums
Ed Vance ~ Keyboards

Patch - Photo courtesy of Chris Ronning
Chris in his "Patch" T-Shirt

Patch was a unique band in that it wore two hats.  Being in Jim Smith's stable of bands at Unicam, we would play occasionally as Jim's backup band "Wallflower".  It usually consisted of us playing the first set, and Jim coming on for the last three sets.

Chris Ronning (Gundersen), 4 February 2003

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Last Update: 17 September 2010
Credits:  Chris (Gundersen) Ronning, Reid Merryman, Ed Vance
Band # 984