Dale, Brian

Vancouver, British Columbia
1967 - 1970


Pat Cimolini ~ Drums
Brian McDonald ~ Bass
Dale Williams ~ Guitar

Jim Allen ~ Agent

Patch existed from 1967 to 1970  and included myself, Pat Cimolini,  and Dale Williams.  We played throughout Western Canada, mostly in B.C.,and also in Alberta and Saskatchewan.  In 1969, we won the Battle of the Bands which gave us additional status and better gigs.  We disbanded in the Summer 1970.

Pat and Dale continued on playing with Tomorrow's Eyes.   I joined Rasputin which eventually became Sweeney Todd.

Brian McDonald, November 2011

Dale, Pat & Brian
Patch at the Aldergrove '69 Fest

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Last Update:   21 November 2011
Credits:  Brian McDonald
Band # 2943