Peace Jeep
Victoria, British Columbia
1968 - 1970
2001 - Present


 Jim "James" Bond ~ Guitar, Vocals
Russ Godfrey ~ Drums, Vocals
Danny Griffiths ~ Drums
Pat Laycock ~ Bass
Jack Patriarch ~ Bass
Jim Sinclair  ~ Guitar
Pete Willing ~ Keyboards, Harp, Vocals

Howdy. After all this time and some contribution to content, it's about time I added info on my band at the time "Peace Jeep".  We were/are a Victoria BC based band who won the battle of the bands in Victoria in 1969. The band played from 1968 until 1970 and disbanded, re-uniting in 2001 for what we thought was a one-shot show for old times' sake. The status of the band was so deep-rooted that the 1st "re-union" in '01 sold out the largest venue in Langford, just outside Victoria.

In the 60's, We played every major (and minor) club in the Victoria area and had a reputation of being an "in your face" cover band doing the top 40, only a lot heavier. Pete's singing of "You really Got Me" (Kinks cover) and the Jeeps' version of Nashville Teens "Tobacco Road" can still blow out the walls.

As MOST of the band members kept playing in other bands, the Peace Jeep is a veritable encyclopedia of Victoria-based band history. Most of us went on to play and collectively we have played in literally dozens of other bands. We are again re-uniting for an concert at "Legends" in the Strathcona Hotel on June 30, for Glenn Parfitt's most excellent Victoria band "re-union" project.

So the original line-up was : Russ Godfrey-drums/vocals, Pete Willing - keyboards/harp/lead vocals, Jim (James) Bond - guitar/vocals, Pat Laycock, bass.  When I left, Danny Griffiths replaced me on drums, and when Pat left, Jack Patriarch replaced him. For the re-union, we have the original line-up with Danny back on drums, as well as me. Two drummers! Shades of Allman Brothers and Doobie Brothers! We have also added Jim Sinclair on 2nd guitar. Jim Sinclair was the guitarist for the legendary "Broomtown Band" and in the early 60's, those guys were so good, it was scary. They truly were the inspiration of many local musicians and for sure, Jim Bond and myself. As Jim Bond put it "He was my "then" guitar-hero and playing in the same band with him is a dream come true." Well said. The only other band in those days that managed to impress me into silence more were "The Sonics". Having Jim Sinclair join us in the "re-union" is more than a pleasure.

Peter and I played with Jim Sinclair in various other bands after the "Jeep", and we can attest to his legendary status on guitar. In those days, he was playing with an ability that far surpassed most others, even the ones we heard on recordings. He still does. Jim Sinclair rocks!! So does Jim Bond, whose "bad boy" persona still exists. Time has not mellowed Jim Bond much and his snarling guitar work still packs a punch. Listening to the 2 of them trade licks knocks me out. Blistering, searing solos!  Also, our front man, Pete Willing has one of the best set of "pipes" to come out of Victoria. He sang better than most back then, and he still does. 2 drummers, 2 awesome guitarists, great singer, solid bass and keyboards, this version of the "Jeep" is fully loaded and in permanent 6 wheel drive. Yup, rock n' roll been good to me!

Russell Godfrey, June 2004

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