Pearl Django
Tacoma, Washington
1992 ~ Present


Troy Chapman ~ Guitar
Michael Gray ~ Violin
Ryan Hoffman ~ Guitar
David Lange ~ Accordian
Rick Leppanen ~ Double Bass


Neil Andersson ~ Guitar
David "Pope" Firman ~ Bass
Dudley Hill ~ Guitar
Shelley Park ~ Guitar
Greg Ruby ~ Guitar

In Memory of

Dudley Hill
1948 - 2005

Pearl Django was formed in 1992 by Neil Andersson, Dudley Hill and David "Pope" Firman.  Check out their website for more information about the group, its recordings, and even more sound clips.

In October 2000, Pearl Django released their fifth CD, titled Avalon. The CD received instant approval from fans and with the help of expanded airplay is helping attract new fans from all over the country.

Pearl Django will be releasing their 10th CD in June, 2010.

Some of the Pacific Northwest music groups represented today in members of Pearl Django include: Adam Wind, The Jestors, The Bootmen, Breakers, City Zu, Ice, Tacoma Pops Band, Solitudes, Wailers, Bluefield Doughboys, The Sky Boys, Prince Paul and the Serfs, Jumbo Groove, and King Biscuit Entertainers.

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Last Update: 3 May 2010
Credits:  Neil Andersson, Rick Leppanen, Rudy Bachelor

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