Phantoms Blues Band
Seattle, Washington
2000 - ?


Charles Bronson ~ Drums
Robert Bobrowski ~ Bass
Steve Erickson ~ Guitar, Vocals
Bob Nelson ~ Guitar
Steve "Sarge" Stransky ~ Saxophone, Keyboards, Harp, Guitar, Vocals


In Memory of

Steve "Sarge" Stransky
b:  31 December 1950  -  d:  9 February 2012

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The Phantoms Blues Band,  have a combined 60+years of experience playing here in the N.W. and members have been featured in Pro touring bands such as Tight Shoes, The New Flamingo's, Dillinger, The Bad Bees, Get Back, Canon, Sparky and the Starfires and Rudy and the Tubeshakers.

Steve E and Sarge are old road band buddies and  we always promised each other that after we finally finished paying our dues on the road, we would start a smokin’ little blues band… so,  we formed The Phantoms and are in our 5th year of rockin’ the blues,  we have self produced 2 C.D.’s, “Bad Whisky” and “Box of Wine” and play often, in clubs and for summer festivals.

Steve "Sarge" Stransky:  Sarge has been playing the N.W. Pro circuit, since 1971, when he finally gave up his former life as a professional Hippy!  He’s worked in almost every style of music and everywhere from California to Alaska.  He Sings lead, plays Sax, Keyboards, Harmonica and Guitar.

Steve Erickson:   Steve’s the Lead guitar player and sings too.  He and Sarge hooked up in about 1979, when Steve’s band Dillinger needed a new singer in order to go back out on the road, they got a call and an audition from Sarge and as they say, the rest is history.

Robert Bobrowski:  Rob is another long time N.W. player, who was originally from the Windy City.  He play Bass and sings and tries to keep Steve From Goin' Double Time!  Rob’s favorite thing to say, is “Anytime, I just want to play”.

Charles Bronson:  When Chas isn’t out hunting down bad guys, or doing some Gung Fu, he holds down a Big beat on Drums.   We like to kid him a lot, but he’s probably the easiest goin’ guy in the band.

Bob Nelson:  Bob is another NW veteran player, most notably a long service with Sparky and the Starfires.  Bob and Sarge were doing an acoustic Blues duo, called The Phantoms, when Steve Erickson called and talked to Sarge about forming that electric blues band they used to talk about.  Steve knew Charles from his martial arts classes, so we all just got together.  Bob had to relocate to Idaho, in our second year of gigging and we decided to remain a four piece… so Bob has become an occasional guest guitarist now, when he visits Seattle.

Steve Stransky, June 2005

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in this group include: Tight Shoes, The New Flamingo's, Dillinger, The Bad Bees, Get Back, Canon, Sparky and the Starfires, Rudy and the Tubeshakers, The Bad Bees, LeShimmer and many other NW bands.

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Last Update: 31 October 2012
Credits: Steve Stransky
Band # 1756