Group Publicity Photo for the Catholic Youth Organization - Green Rain, Time Exit and Phat
Standing: Bob Ries (Green Rain); Greg Bemis (Time Exit); Ross Pouley (Green Rain); Rob Cushman (Time Exit); Rick Fisher (Green Rain); Curtis Hurst (Time Exit); W.D. Frank (Green Rain); Bradley Eliason (Phat); Pat Moss (Phat)
Seated: Dave Holt (Green Rain); Robb Amis (Time Exit).  [missing from the photo: Bill Durham (Phat)]
Yakima, Washington
About 1968 - 1970


Bradley Eliason ~ Bass
Pat Moss ~ Guitar
 Bill Durham ~ Drums

During the summer of 1969, the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) contracted three local bands to play a series of dances. The organizer asked me to arrange publicity photos for all three bands in May of that year.  Influenced by the cover of the first Paul Butterfield Blues Band album, I suggested that we stage the photos in front of George's Coney Island Cafe located on North First Avenue in Yakima.  We did the individual band photos then got everyone together for a group portrait (above) of all three of these bands... Time Exit, Green Rain and Phat.  These bands played the Downtown and other venues around Yakima during the late 1960s.

WD Frank, November 2009

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Last Update:  9 December 2012
Credits:  WD Frank, Randy Bowles
Band # 2690