Frank Hosford; Randy Cottrel, Mark Hannah
Larry Linnum, Dick Schalk - Phoenix 1969
Oregon City, Oregon
1969 - 1970
1971 - 1972


1969 - 1970

Randy Cottrel ~ Drums
Mark Hannah ~ Hammond
Frank Hosford ~ Bass
Larry Linnum - Vocals
Dick Schalk ~ Guitar

Kent Dahlgren ~ Manager

1971 -1972

Phil Agrue ~ Hammond
Jay Bradshaw ~ Drums, Guitar
Richard DeCius ~ Guitar
Frank Hosford ~ Bass
Tim Hughes ~ Saxophone
Scott Lough ~ Harp, Vocals
Earl Leon "Moose" Morgan ~ Vocals

A second version of  Phoenix formed in 1971.  Frank Hosford reformed the band with Jay Bradshaw, Richard DeCius, Tim Hughes, Phil Agrue and Scott Lough. This version stayed together until 1972

Grace Aola, Christmas Eve, 2008

I believe in early 1972 Mark Hannah (original Hammond player) replaced me.   Earl Leon (Moose) Morgan replaced Scott Lough on vocals. Phoenix lived on for a brief period with Mark Hannah on Hammond, Moose Morgan vocals, Scott Lough on Harmonica, Frank Hosford on bass, Richard DeCius on Guitar, Jay Bradshaw drums/guitars and Tim Hughes on Sax.

Phil Agrue, December 2008

Phonenix mid-1970 Randy Cottrel, Mark Hannah, Frank Hosford, Larry Linnum, and Dick Schalk

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Dick Schalk, Grace Aola, Phil Agrue, Jay Bradshaw
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