PH Phactor Jug Band
Portland, Oregon
1966 ~ 1969


    Paul Bassett ~ Drums, Washboard
John Browne ~ Guitar, Harmonica
Davy Coffin ~ Guitar, Mandolin
John Hendricks ~ Mandolin, Mandola, Banjo, Guitar, Kazoo, Jug, Vocals
Dennis Long ~ Drums
Steve Mork ~ Bass, Jug
Nick Ogilvie ~ Guitar, Banjo, Harp, Vocals
Chris Robinson ~ Guitar
Mike Rush ~ Drums

Photo By Dore Rabinoff

In Memory of

Nick Ogilive
John Hendricks
Steve Mork   d: 5 Nov 2008

Two members of pH pHactor have ascended to the Jug Band in the sky, Nick Ogilvie and John Hendricks.  Both were incredibly versitile and creative artists.  Nick played Guitar, banjo, harp, and in later life fine be bop jazz guitar.  Hendricks played rag time guitar, mandolin, mandola, banjo, ukelele a few I can't recall.  Both sang.  They were both incredibly gifted melodic inventors.

Steve Mork, February 2007

Jefferson Airplane, The Byrds, PH 
Phactor Jug Band and Magic Fern 
at  the Memorial Coliseum, Portland, OR, 
28 May 1967

Courtesy of Steve Mork

Image Courtesy of PosterGeist

Image Courtesy of PosterGeist

John Browne from Ph Phactor Jug Band  is living on Vashon Island, and played at the Jimi Hendrix venue.

Shannon Bertuch, February 2004

Mork playing a "Jug"
Photo by Dore Rabinoff

Steve Mork - Photo courtesty of Marilyn Portteus
Steve Mork in About 1968 -1969

This is also a 1969 shot. That's Davy Coffin facing us, and his truck in the background. 

In the foreground, with his back to us, is Billy Hults, who played washboardin a band sometimes called Melodious Funk.  Melodious Funkwas mostly PH Phactor men,and they were all friends for years and played together in any combination of musicians, mostly John Brown on guitar and vocals; John Hendricks, vocals, guitar and mandolin; and John Ward on harmonica; John Stuart Dodge on fiddle.   John Stuart Dodge was classically trianed, but fell intothe jug band, who knowswhy. It sure wasn't for the money.

Marilyn Portteus, May 2005

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Nick Ogilvie (vocals, guitar), Steve Mork (jug), Greg Cooper (guitar)
Photo by Dore Rabinoff

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