About July 1976 - Image courtesy of Tom Downer
Pipeline Tavern
Eastlake Drive
Seattle, Washington

Some of the bands that performed at this place during those great years of NW music were:

Amazing Rhythm Aces
Bachman-Turner Overdrive
Blind Willie
Bo Diddley
Brownie McGee
Cheeseburger Delux
Cincinatti Rail
EmmyLou Harris
Goldie McJohn
Grey Blues Band
High Tide
The Hot Band
Ian Matthews
 Jean-Luc Ponty
Jim Page
Jr. Cadillac
Maria Muldauer
Michael Bloomfield
Mojo Hand
Nick Gravenites Band

Paul Butterfield

Sonny Terrry
Super Band
Third World
Thin Red Line
Wiz Kids

Others ?

I moved from Seattle in 1977 and at that time the Pipeline tavern was a very hot spot for us U-DUB types to drink cheap beer and hear some good music. It was on Eastlake Ave near the southern end of the lake, kind of wedged in between I-5 and Eastlake. It was built new in the early 70’s and featured live music on a big stage, 7 nights a week.  All the hot local bands played there but the only big name I remember was Jean-Luc Ponty, the French jazz violinist. Others played there of course, but the memory fades!

I now live out east but fondly remember those years.

Dick Gray, January 2007

This was one of my favorite haunting grounds in my younger days.

Bob Besse, my former brother in law, and his mother owned the Pipeline.  It was a very "happening" sort of place, great music and dancing, and yea, lots of pitchers of beer.

Makes me want to reconnect with Bob to help revive my memory a bit.  Shyanne was one of the bands I do remember.  But I know there were many others.  It was a great place.


After  Bob Bessie's mom replaced him for marrying a friend of mine, Larry B took over the club.  Albert Collins told me in NY that he got to the Pipeline thanks to Otis at the Sandpiper on 45th street.  I worked the front door til I graduated from UDub (University of Washington).  Besides the great NW bands that played there, a lot of national acts spent a week there.  Bo Diddley, Sonny Terrry and Brownie McGee, Jean-Luc Ponty to name a few.   The joint was always rocking NW style or bluesen.  Thanks for the memories !

Mike Trimmer, May 2013

I worked at the pipeline for a summer.  Larry B was the manager.  Pam and Ginger served drinks.  It was a great place.   I talked to Maria Muldaur, she was friendly.  Fireball played there.  The Amazing Rhythm Accesses, Kidd Africa,  and  Jr. Cadillac always packed he place.  I met my wife there in 1976.  My friends use to say "If you met her in a bar you'll loose her in a bar".  Hasn't happened yet.  They say that rock will never die but.... as far as the Pipeline goes it kind of did.  Larry held it together as long as he could.  It sold and became Boogies.  Great memories.

Tom Moorman, April 2015

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