L.V. Parr
Don Stevenson, Don Osias, John O'Francia

The Playboys
With Ron Holden
Seattle, Washington
1957 ~ 1962


Little Willy Bell ~ Hammond B3, Vocals
Andy Duvall ~ Drums
Roland  Green ~ Guitar
Jerry Heldman ~ Drums
Norm Heutmaker ~ Guitar
Ron Holden ~ Vocals
Jack Jahoda ~ Guitar
John O'Francia ~ Saxophone
Don Osias ~ Organ
L.V. Parr ~ Guitar
Bob Risley ~ Keyboards
Don Stevenson ~ Drums
Carlos Ward ~ Guitar, Saxophone, Bongos

Dolton Recording Artists
"Icy Fingers", 1959

In Memory of

Don Osias
L.V. Parr

In 1962 I was playing drums with the Playboys.  We played at the Roll Inn tavern. I only played with them for a few months. then went to the Drift Inn to play drums with Gerald Frank, and then to the House of Entertainment to play bass.  Larry Coryell played with us at the H.O.E. when he wasn't busy with the Dynamics.

Jerry Heldman, November 2005

In 1958 I had a brief three or four month spot on guitar in the Playboys lineup.  I was attending Seattle University at the time and living in Seattle on Capitol Hill.     I do remember Ron Holden.  He was a Very nice person.  We traveled on the bus together to go to practices.  The band at that time was multi-racial... Filipino, Black Caucasian.  Fine folk and a wonderful experience.  We played at Parker's, the Encore Ballroom and other local venues.

Norm Heutmaker, January 2015

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Last Update:  10 January 2015
Credits:  Darryl Riffero, Maia Santell, Jerry Heldman, Jimmy Manolides, Maia Santell, Norm Heutmaker
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