Players Club - Photo courtesy of Kevin Seeley
Players Club
Tacoma, Washington
2003 - Present


Ronnie Bishop ~ Drums
David Booker ~ Vocals
Cliff Colon ~ Saxophone
Emmanuel Del Casal ~ Bass
Sandy Harvey ~ Keyboards
LaTonya Horrance ~ Vocals
Greg Koehler ~ Trombone
Lindsey Reid ~ Drums
Frank Seeberger ~ Guitar
Kevin Seeley ~ Trumpet
Sommer Stockinger ~ Vocals


Mark Adams ~ Guitar
September Dudley-Miller ~ Vocals
Kurt Kolstad ~ Drums
Marcus Vann ~ Bass

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Players Club - Tacoma, WA - Photo Courtesy of Kurt Kolstad

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in this band include: Mineral Water, Alive n Well, Remnants, Maia Santell and Houseblend,  Hit Explosion, 3D, The Marvelles, The Groove, Living Proof, Second Nature, Blues Power Revue, Molasses, Seattle Blues Review, Andy O, Mirage and the Bad Ass Brass and many other NW bands.

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Last Update:   17 November 2011
Credits: Kurt Kolstad, Kevin Seeley
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