The Plugs in 1982 - Photo Courtesy of Wayne Johnson
Steve T., Wayne, John and Steve C. - 1982
The Plugs
Seattle, Washington
1980 ~ 1984
And Back Together Again in 2008


Ed Busey ~ Bass, Vocals
Steve Cameli ~ Drums
Wayne Johnson ~ Guitar, Vocals
John Lund ~ Guitar, Vocals
Steve Teasley ~ Bass, Vocals
Jerry Toto ~ Guitar, Vocals

Reformed in 2008

Lindy Berger ~ Saxophone
Rick Berinato ~ Drums, Vocals
Ed Busey ~ Bass, Vocals
Wayne Johnson ~ Guitar, Vocals
John Lund ~ Guitar, Vocals

2008 Poster

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This was my last gig for our recent reunion.  I will look forward to a future "Plugs" reunion
and perhaps our "retirement home tour".
Wayne Johnson, November 2008

The Plugs have re formed with original members; John Lund, Wayne Johnson, and Ed Busey. New members are Lindy Berger on sax and vocals and Rick Berinato on drums and vocals. Coming soon to an outlet near you.

Ed Busey, Steve Cameli, Wayne Johnson, John Lund
Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in members of The The Plugs include:  Chaser, Oasys, Planet, Slackers, Hostage, Wind Dancer, The Delridge Boys and many others NW bands.
Plugs poster courtesy of Ed Busey Plugs poster courtesy of Ed Busey
Posters Courtesy of Ed Busey

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Last Update:  7 March 2012
Credits: Ed Busey, Wayne Johnson
Band # 779