Jack Horner and the Plums
AKA: The Famous Plums - The Famous Plums Jump Band - The Famous Plums Roll Band
Seattle, Washington
1966 ~ 1967


Dan Bonow ~ Organ, Guitar, Vocals
Tim Bonow ~ Drums, Vocals
Mike Boyd ~ Bass
Dave Johnson ~ Guitar
Dennis Peterson ~  Drums
Burke Wallace ~ Bass


Winners of Teenage Fair, Battle of the Bands (1966 Seattle)

One of the results of winning the 1966 Teen Fair was a "recording contract".  What it really was was time in the studio that we didn't have to pay for.  The studio included us on a record release I believe it was called "The Northwest Greatest Hits" vol. 11.

Dave Johnson, December 2002

AKA "The Famous Plums Roll Band" in their later days.  They are on Jerden Records "History of NW Rock Vol II".   The liner notes are quite glowing about The plums, especially given the context of NW music at the time.

Mike Boyd had a Zim Gar p-bass knock-off, upon which was hand-painted "VOX" in big, bold letters.  I'm not sure he fooled anyone...

Dan and Tim went on to Juggernaut and Vizzion, among others.

Peter Bonow , January 2006

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Last Update:  17 December 2009
Credits: Scott Hawthorn, Dan Bonow, Dave Johnson, Peter Bowno
Jack Horner and The Plums available on Sundazed Music, NW Battle of The Bands, Vol 2, KNOCK YOU FLAT!
Band # 284