Poor Man's Guardian
Montesano, Washington
1965 - 1970


Mark Anderson ~ Keyboards
Skip Autio ~ Drums
Dave Matthews ~ Bass, Guitar
Timothy McGlothlin ~ Guitar
Randy Sutherby ~ Drums
Gary Ritter ~ Guitar
Cary Shurr ~ Bass
Bob Southard ~ Guitar
Jerry Townsend ~ Keyboard Bass
Steve Walker ~ Saxophone

I started the "Poor Man's Guardian".  We were originally known as the "PANIC'S". I'm still not sure if the name referred to the way we felt playing our first gig, or how the audience felt after listening to us!  Our first ever public performance was at the Brady, Washington, Grange hall.  There were three of us in the group, and we only knew three songs (Louie Louie, Wipe Out, and The Witch).  We just kept playing them over and over. People kept dancing so we figured we were an instant hit, and just kept playing.  As they say, the rest is Grays Harbor Rock History.  GOD! THOSE WERE THE DAYS!!

Our old grade school principal got us together to play at a farewell get together for all classes just before they tore the old high school down and built a new one.   We got to practice for a whole 3 hours before our first performance together in 26 years!  We had a great time and didn't sound to bad for three hours of preparation.  It's kind of like the riding the bike thing you know, once you learn, you never forget.  The best part is getting to see all the guys together after all those years and trying to relive the past.  You can't go back, but you sure can come damn close.

Randy Sutherby, July 2001

Poor Mans Guardian participated in the Washington State FInals, Battle of the Bands in 1969, presented by the Edmonds Jaycees

Man what times those were, huh?  The Sonics, Don and the Goodtimes,The Viceroys, Mr.Lucky.. Couldn't have lived at a better time

Skip Autio, July 2012

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Last Update:  24 July 2012
Credits: Timothy McGlothlin, Randy Sutherby, Jim McCallister, Skip Autio
Band # 367<>