Pop Culture - Image  courtesy of Donnarae Johnson
Craig Otto, Alec Johannsen, Donnarae Johnson, Padgett Campbell, Mike Kesterson
Pop Culture
Seattle, Washington
1997 - Present


Christina Alexander ~ Vocals
Paget Campbell ~ Guitar
Alec Johansen ~ Bass
Donnarae Johnson ~ Vocals
Mike Kesterson ~ Keyboards
Jeff Mills ~ Drums
Craig Otto ~ Drums
Howard Ouchi ~ Drums
Mike Topogna ~ Drums
Shauna Za ~ Vocals

In Memory of

Donnarae Johnson

Pop Culture - Photo Courtesy of Donnarae Johnson
Mike Kesterson, Shauna Za,  Donnarae, Howard Ouchi, Paget Campbell, Alec Joha

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in this group include: Pyramid, Jump Street, Alibi, Mercenary, Centerfold, Shyanne, Metro, Artisan, Ninja, St Jayne, Chain Reaction, and other NW bands.

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Last Update:  5 Septembeer 2008
Credits:  Donnarae Johnson
Band # 1565