Bob Strader, Aaron Boschee, Jerry DesVoignes, Tom Ogle and  Sid Fisher
Porky Pig Show
Spokane, Washington
1968 - 1970


Aaron Boschee ~ Bass
Jerry DesVoignes ~ Vocals
Sid Fisher ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals
Tom Ogle ~ Guitar, Vocals
Bob Strader ~ Drums
Richard ? ~ Bass

Cliff Burger ~ Agent

In Memory of

Sid Fisher

We all composed songs so we did half original and half covers.  Great Rock and Blues Band!!

My memory is of long versions "jams" of Cream songs like, "Crossroads",  where Sid and Tom took turns doing five or ten minute solos each, and often play solos together for another ten minutes!  It was nuts!!

I recall that Sid played a gold Les Paul and Tom a white Telecaster.  We did Hendrix and so many other great groups.

Bob and I were in Shadle  Park High a grade apart. They were all great guys and outrageous stories to tell on the road!

In the beginning, Aaron's father was our chauffeur and drove us to gigs out of town at high schools and some college campuses.  We often played in Canada.  Later on we drove ourselves.  Mike Caffercki was our agent.

I was still in high school when I joined The Pig Show and became very popular at my school at Shadle Park.  That was fun as the more popular you became, more girls came around and the jocks and bad guys gave you more respect.  We won several battle of the bands and played together for a couple years.

Aaron left the band and we had another Bass player "Richard" for a while.  I think the band eventually changed its name to "Rain" or "Good Morning", and am not sure what happened after that.  Continued to morph into other groups. Spokane was filled with great musicians and bands in those days!

Jerry DesVoignes, August 2008, January 2011

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Last Update:  9 July 2011
Credits: Jerry DesVoignes, Richard Bruce
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