Photo courtesy of Jack Ely
Jack Ely, Peter Langston, Mario Bolivar, Sharyle Patton
Portland Zoo Electric Band
Portland, Oregon
1966 -1972


Mario Bolivar ~ Drums
Pat Coffey ~ Drums
Fred Corbett ~ Bass
T. Dwarf ~ Harp
Jack Ely ~ Bass
Denny Jackson ~ Bass
Peter Langston ~ Guitar
Tom McFarland ~ Guitar
Lynn Parkinson ~ Bass
Sharyle Patton ~ Guitar
Ted Thompson ~ Bass
Scott White ~ Bass
Larry Whitney ~ Drums

In Memory of

Jack Ely (d:  28 April 2015)

Photo courtesy of Jack Ely
Peter Langston, Sharyle Patton, Mario Bolivar, Jack Ely

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Last Update:  28 April 2015
Credits:  Peter Langston, James Furnish, Jack Ely

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