Poverty's People
(aka  The Poverty Five)
Centralia, Washington
1965  ~ 1968


Andy Althauser ~ Drums
Gale Ashby ~ Guitar, Organ
Jim Hawkins ~ Vocals
Karl Kast ~ Bass
Mike McQuigg ~ Guitar
John Frederic Teubner ~ Drums

Andy now works for Frito Lay

Mike is teaching guitar

Gale Ashby has a construction business called Ashby Homes, plays music and fishes

Karl has an ice cream business

The works of reclusive Theoretical Mathematician, Artist, and Northwest Musician J. Frederic Teubner may seen at www.jteu.com  www.jteugallery91.com  and www.jteucosmos.com

Poverty's People appearance at the legendary Cafe Espresso following their acclaimed appearance at the 1967 Portland Trips Festival.

J. Frederic Teubner, August 2014

In the summer of 1967 the band Poverty’s People was on the way up.  We were all over the Northwest from Oregon to Idaho.

We open for the Doors and the Grateful Dead twice. Headlined at the Colosseum; Headlined the Lewiston Idaho Trips Festival;  received accolades for our performance at the Portland Trips Festival;  played nightly for a month at the fabulous Pypo Club in Seaside (surf by day); played Colleges and High School Dances; went to Frisco to the Haight and Golden Gate Park for the Summer of Love; hitch-hiked all the way back to Washington on three dollars and smoked a lot of pot, excellent hash, and dropped Acid in the mossy coastal forests.

J. Frederic Teubner, August 2014

Jim     Andy     Gale     Mike     Karl     John

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Last Update:  20 August 2014
Credits: Cal Taylor,  Jim Hawkins,  Darryl Riffero, Jeff Miller, Danna Ashby, Gale Ashby, J. Frederic Teubner

Band # 2888