Poederr Blues Band - Photo courtesy of Glass Onyon Promotions
Powder Blues Band
Vancouver, British Columbia
1978 - Present


Bill Clark ~ Trumpet
Jerry Cook ~ Tenor Saxophone
Adam Drake ~ Drums
Robbie King ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Tom Lavin ~ Guitar, Vocals
Willie MacCalder ~ Keyboards
Bill Runge ~ Bass, Saxophone


Bruce Ball ~ Drums
Gordie Bertram ~ Baritone Saxophone
Pat Caird ~ Tenor Saxophone
Don Cummings ~ Bass
Mark Hasslebach ~ Trumpet
Dave Hoerl ~ Harmonica
Lou Hoover ~ Drums
Mike Kalanj ~ Hammond Organ
Wayne Kozak ~ Tenor Saxophone
Jack Lavin ~ Bass, Vocals
Duris Maxwell ~ Drums
Dave Woodward ~ Saxophone

In Memory of

Robbie King
D:  17 October 2003
Age:  57

Powder Blues Band - 2000 - Photo 'borrowed' from the Powder Blues Band Website
Dave Woodward - Photo Courtesy of Alan Burns
Dave Woodward

Powder Blues Band - Photo 'borrowed' from the Powder Blues Band Website
Powder Blues Band Circa 1978

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Powder Blues new CD has finally been released.  It’s called “Blues + Jazz = BLAZZ!!” and features a 14 piece big band.
You can hear free samples on the web at:
Powder Blues.net
The eleven tracks consist of seven originals and four covers including a jazz version of the Ellington/Strayhorn classic “Take the A Train”.

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Credits: Tom Lavin, Chris Wolfe, Alan Burns, Roger StomperudWilliam James (Glass Onyon Promotions), Bruce Ball
Band # 1331