Prism 1977 Promo - Courtesy of Larry Warcup
PRISM - 1977
Vancouver, British Columbia
1977 - Present


Frank Baker - Drums
Ab Bryant ~ Bass
John Cody ~ Drums
John Counsel ~ Keyboards
Darcy Deutsch ~ Lead Vocals
Bruce Fairbairn ~ Horns
Marc Gladstone ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Tad Goddard ~ Bass, Vocals
Gary Grace ~ Drums
John Hall ~ Keyboards
Al Harlow ~ Rhythm Guitar, Vocals, Bass
Rodney (Jim Vallance) Higgs ~ Drums, Keyboards
Tom Keenlyside ~ Horns, Vocals
Tom Lavin ~ Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Andy Lorimer ~ Keyboards
Daryl Mayes ~ Drums
Lindsay Mitchell ~ Lead Guitar, Vocals
Rocket Norton ~ Drums
Richard Sera ~ Keyboards
Henry Small ~ Lead Vocals
Steve Soucy ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Dave Stone ~ Keyboards
Ron Tabak ~ Lead Vocals


Mikie Dube ~ Lights, Drum Tech

In Memory of

Ron Tabak - Photo Courtesy of Larry Warcup
Ron Tabak

Bruce Fairbairn

Prism in the 1970's - Courtesy of Jamie Penner, Prism Website

1977 Prism Billboard Review - Courtesy of Greg Combs

I am Ralph Eppel and I was the trombone on demos with Under Construction, the name before Prism, and was on the N.A. tour in 77 opening for Meatloaf and other Canadian tours. With Bruce Faibairn and Tom Keenlyside, we were the horn section of Sunshyne.

Ralph Eppel, Feb 2014

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Last Update:  15 March 2015
Credits:  Donna Johnson, Jamie Penner, Jim Vallance, Tom Lavin, Greg Combs, Dan Dube, Larry Warcup, Ralph Eppel

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