Prodical Son
Tacoma, Washington
1970 ~ 1971


Ron Ervine ~ Vocals
Wes Ervine ~ Guitar
Bob Hennessy ~ Guitar
Chet Dawson ~ Drums
Willy Schumacher ~ Bass

In Memory of

Ron Ervine
(16 Jul 1944 - 24 July 2014)

We played at Stewart Junior High in Tacoma in 1971 and recorded one of our set songs on a reel to reel recorder.   I'm hoping someone from that school will remember us and perhaps send me a photo they took.  I know the cameras were flashing when we were there.

Oh! by the way, the song is "Pushing To Hard" by the "Seeds".

Wes Ervine, December 2007

Listen to The Prodical Son perform Pushin' Too Hard
At Stewart Junior High School, Tacoma in 1971


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Last Update:   23 September 2014
Credits: Wes Ervine, Bob Hennessy

Band # 388