Bellevue, Washington
1970 - 1972


Eric Badger ~ Guitar
Kayla Devoe ~ Vocals
Joel Johnson ~ Electric Piano, Vocals
Gary Kroun ~ Drums
Twyla Wagner ~ Vocals
David Wills ~ Vocals
Ann Wilson ~ Flute, Vocals
Chris ? ~ Bass


Terry Gregg

In Memory of

Twyla Wagner

David Wills was the lead singer in Proof along with Kayla Devoe.  They played at Lake Hills in 1971-72 and other local dance halls.  Eric Badger was on guitar.

Trisha Nerney, August 2007

The band, ragtag as it was, performed it's final engagement at "Village West" in Birch Bay, Wa. and I'll never forget the adventures of this "almost famous" band.  The club was located close to a "NORAD" military site, and every 45 seconds a loud "Whirr" came through the PA even with "low-pass" filters installed!

At breaktime, a "stormtrooper" policeman burst into the dressing room, which was located to the far side of the stage, fortunately, so most of the band members hid the contraband.....hmmm....except Gary.  He was hauled away not to be seen again that evening.

The band played on, with Kayla on drums, and "Louie-Louie" "Gloria" and any song we could pull off was done.

That was the last time the group played, and after loading into separate vehicles, we all went off in different directions---some to fame, others to oblivion, others to continue with music to the present day.

Joel Johnson, September, 2007

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Credits:  Joel Johnson, Trisha Nerney, Terry Gregg
Band # 886