Boise, Idaho
1971 -1974


Bob Barriatua ~ Bass, Vocals
Bartholomew Bishop ~ Keyboards, Autoharp, Vocals
Jim Cockey ~ Violin, Glockenspiel, Vocals
Andy Guzie ~ Guitar, Vocals
Tim Tompkins ~ Cello, Vocals, Recorders, Percussion
Tom Tompkins ~ Viola, Violin, Vocals

In Memory of

Bartholomew "Bart" Bishop
d:  19 October 2009

Providence Poster - Courtesy of LewJones
Providence, a six-piece band from the Portland area that was in effect from about 1971 to 1974.  They released a single and an album entitled "Ever Sense the Dawn" in 1972 on Threshold Records (THS-9).

This was a really sweet group, somewhat reminiscent of the Moody Blues, but with their own individual style, very classically oriented.  I am trying to track down the rest of the band as I write this.  I understand Bart Bishop (younger brother of record producer and agent Randy Bishop) is working in retail somewhere in L.A.
Nathan Davis, May 2003

Some members of this band actually ended up touring as the string section for the Moody Blues, and the Blue Jays, Justin Hayward and John Lodges' other band.
Kurt Bevers, October 2003

Andy Guzie was in Portland last I checked.  Bob Barriatua is a doctor in Portland. The Tompkins have a website,

Guzie and Barriatua did a demo album called "Chroma" which is very good

Christie Schults, August 2007

Providence - Courtesy of Lew Jones

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Credits:  Nathan Davis, Lew Jones, Mikio Kanamori, Christie Schultz, Phillip Defenbach, Annie Bishop
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