Image Courtesy of Richard Evans
George, Richard and Rick - Puddle Jumpers at Seattle Center 1995
 The Puddle Jumpers
Seattle, Washington
1993 - 2000


Tom Austin ~ Bass, Vocals
Scott Elsberry ~ Guitar
Richard Evans ~ Bass
Dave McGrath ~ Guitar
George Michael ~ Guitar
George Short ~ Congas, Percussion, Drums
Rick Vartian ~ Octave Mondolin, Organ, Vocals

Click to Listen to a full lo-fi version of "The Passion" (1.68 mb)

Photo Courtesy of Richard Evans
Rick, George M, David, Richad, George S.

They started out in the spring of 1995 as a three-piece acoustic band.  Original members were:  Rick Vartian, George Short and Scott Elsberry.

Dave McGrath, a key member, moved back to upstate New York right after The Puddle Jumpers broke up in 2000.  He formed the Dave McGrath Band (original music) back there so he is still playing/ writing music, just not in the NW.

Tom Austin was the bass player and back up singer second album.  He played live through 1998.

George Michael wrote, played guitar and sang on all albums.

Anita and George Short

Some of the Pacific Northwest music groups represented today in members of this group include:  Scott Rosburg Band, 3-D, Play it Again S.A.M., Buffalo Clancy, Wes Jones Band , Anthem - A Rush Tribute, Special Guest, Parade of Stars and many other Northwest bands.

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Last Update:  16 January 2013
Credits:  Richard Evans, Anita Short, George Short
 Band # 1848