The Puget Sound - Image courtesy of Rick Hines
The Puget Sound
Kirkland, Washington
1981 - 1987


John Dryer ~ Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Writer, Vocals
Rick Hines ~ Guitar, Writer, Vocals
Steve Hines ~ Drums

Later Members

Dave Boettcher ~ Drums
Tom Donahue ~ Bass, Vocals
Warren Edwards ~ Bass
Sten Guntheroth ~ Drums
Kris Johnson ~ Bass, Vocals
Jim Patricelli ~ Bass, Vocals
Joe Walton ~ Bass, Vocals
Dan ? ~ Bass

The Puget Sound is the brain child of John Dryer & Rick Hines who, together, were stockpiling original material & needed an outlet. Inspired by other local bands (namely: The Visible Targets) they recorded at the then fairly new Triad Studios & produced a minor local hit "Planet X" which was eventually used as the lead off song on the "KYYX Local Heroes/New Faces" cassette & got massive air play. They continued playing/recording throughout the 80's gaining air play & a minor cult following. Unexpectedly, they called it quits in the early 90's for reasons unknown to this writer to this very day. There was a brief reunion at the Maple Valley "MorningWood Stock".  Currently, John & Rick are working on completing what they started/left off by recording the rest of their catalog.

Rick Hines and the Band, May 2006 

Some of the Pacific Northwest music groups represented  in members of this group include:  Gram Betty  and many other Northwest bands.

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Last Update:  29 August 2006
Credits:  Rick Hines, Sherry Dryer, Kris Johnson
Band # 1954