Pure Sunshine
AKA:  Sunshine
Grant's Pass/Medford, Oregon
Late 1960's

Tom Coe ~ Bass
Doug Daily ~ Guitar
Dave ? ~ Drums
? ~ Hammond B3

Pure Sunshine, a late 60's power trio originally out of the Grant's Pass/Medford area that later resettled in the Seattle/Tacoma area.

"PURE SUNSHINE":  Tom Coe, Doug Daily and Dave. Later a B 3 guy replaced Doug.

They did killer Hendrix/Cream covers, but astounding originals as well. They performed at many All-City dances in the South Sound area, as well as a couple of Red Carpet/Breakthrough gigs.  A later incarnation played The Eagles.

Bruce Partridge, November 2006

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Last Update:  13 March 2011
Credits:  Bruce Partridge
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