Tacoma/ Seattle

A Brief History of the Group

Beginning in the springtime of 1970, a new band formed together made up of five prior talented musicians from the early local Tacoma rock groups “Night Air” and “New Society”. After joining the American Federation of Musicians union, it didn’t take long for this prominent new group to gain notoriety within the surrounding circles of successful musicians in both the Tacoma and Seattle areas.  The group “Quebec” presented a very unique “Northwest Sound”, with a smooth flavor of strong vocals and hard Rock & Roll music.  Their style of music included a variety of influential sounds from Santana, Chicago, James Gang, Rare Earth and Grand Funk Railroad.

“Quebec” played a combination of many creative styles of early 1970’s popular music and the band became very successful within the Puget Sound area.  They played at most of the local nightclubs and numerous dance halls, with other long travels leading from Seattle or Oregon.  The band quickly became ‘favorite’ of the many nightclubs, taverns and dance halls throughout the Puget Sound region.  Of course, “Quebec” welcomed any rock & roll fans with open arms, which included their promise to deliver unparalleled concerts to the best of their ability.

The band included the artistic talents of Gary Rock (lead vocals), who provided a high quality of intense singing; Wes Wynn on bass, who played a versatile rhythm of low notes that could break the sound barrier; Scott MacGougan (lead guitar), who had a large selection of high resonant notes, that could prolong a vibration forever; Serni Solidarios on keyboards, who reinforced the reflection of sound with his imagination and chemistry; and Rob Henricksen on drums who acted as the driving machine that crushed the movement of repetition like a heartbeat.

Although the early 1970’s was all about fun and having good times, there was also a serious side that many musicians participated in to help others.  During the short tenure of this band’s existence, there were many occasions when “Quebec” freely volunteered to play for local Food Banks or other charitable events.  This was not uncommon for the many rock & roll groups who played the Tacoma / Seattle communities during this era.

The group “Quebec” most certainly enjoyed the productive success of a short-lived Rock & Roll band, which provided the simple pleasures of a musical sound that sent the listener home with a good feeling.  The band stayed together for as long as time allowed, but early adulthood and career preparations had finally taken its toll.  The group eventually broke up during the summer of 1974, but life continued for each individual member to decide his own pathway of the future.

“Quebec” made its own history of Rock & Roll music in the course of giving pleasure and happiness to the local communities of Tacoma and Seattle.  The group was also blessed to have had the opportunity to contribute their time and effort to help families in need that deserved the love and support from others.  The band was very proud to have served the history of our great Northwest area and to help preserve the wonderful Rock & Roll memories of a special time period in our lives.  The 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s will always rule and nothing will ever change that.

Rob Henricksen, Drummer (January 2001)


Quebec - 4 July 2002
Photo Courtesy of Rob Henricksen

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