Photo Courtesy of Marc Lagen
Seattle, Washington
1969 ~ 1971


Barney Armstrong ~ Vocals
Peter Haskel ~ Keyboards
Marc Lagen ~ Guitar
Greg Olsen ~ Vocals
Steve O'Rear ~ Bass
Merrilee Rush ~ Vocals
Roy Scimeca ~ Drums

Photo courtesy of Steve O'Rear
Photo Courtesy of Steve O'Rear


Ralph played the dance, club, and college circuit throughout the Pacific Northwest.  In approximately 1969, they became the back up band for Merrilee Rush.  Members of Ralph later merged with Superband to form the last incarnation of that band.

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Last Update:  18 September 2014
Credits:   Marc Lagen, Trisha Nerney, Darry Riffero, Deborah (Girard) Myre, Steve O'Rear
Band # 565