The Rangehoods
Seattle, Washington
1984 - 1996


Steve Aliment ~ Bass
Bruce Hewes ~ Bass
Pat Hewitt ~ Guitar, Vocals
Don Kammerer ~ Drums
Tony Lease ~ Bass
Steve Pearson ~ Guitar, Vocals
Billy Shaw ~ Drums
Mike Wansley ~ Bass
Marc Willett ~ Bass


Bruce Pritchard ~ House Sound Tech


Jim Shook

In Memory of

Bruce Hewes

Bruce Hewes and I were room mates at one time. Pat and I spent many hours together in his studio. My relationship with him started in the seventies when he asked me to manage his band Wagon Wheel Willie with Pat Gosen of the Floating Bridge as the lead singer.

The Rangehoods came into being when Pearson joined the group from the Heats.  Michael Murphy on steel was also in Wagon Wheel. I can remember one show we did opening for Tom Petty in the U District and after the show Hewes tore up Petty's road manager's card in front of his face and threw it on the ground. It was interesting times.

The Rangehoods were actually the Pins before Peason joined, a threesome. The Hoods broke up after show casing in LA, at least that is where I left. Pat and Steve sold the Caddie convertable to some guy at the Berevely Hilton and we flew back to Seattle.

Jim "Shakey" Shook, April 2010

Some of the other Pacific Northwest music groups represented in this band include: Money, The Bumps, Disciples, Kansas Standard, Streetcorner, Annie Rose and The Thrillers, Dynamic Logs, Red Dress, Kingsmen, Prairie Creek , The Fighting Cocks, and many other NW bands.

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Last Update:  14 January 2011
Credits: Lucette Pearson, Bruce Pritchard, Jim Shook
Band # 1203