Charlie Capinman -  Roy Hartaway
Steve Prescott - Dan Saville
The Rangers
Seattle, Washington
1963 - 1964


Charlie Capinman ~ Guitar
Roy Hartaway ~ Guitar
Steve Prescott ~ Bass
Dan Saville ~ Drums

At the age of 11, Dan Saville, a.k.a. Danny O', joined his first band called, The Rangers. The Rangers appeared on a local television talent show called, "Stairway to Stardom" in Tacoma Washington in 1963.

That is my brother, Steve Prescott at age 17 on bass guitar at the bottom left.  Steve was also the founder of "Charlie and the Seniors".  Steve  went on to play with, The Rocky Vasalino Show,  I am the drummer in the picture, lower right front.

The Rangers was the first band that Steve and I ever played in.

Dan Saville, November 2009

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Last Update:  24 November  2009
Credits: Dan Saville
Band # 2587