Rapid Transit at the Lake Hills Roller Rink Circa 1965
Photo Courtesy of Marc Lagen
Rapid Transit
Seattle, Washington
1965 ~ 1967


Rick Carlson ~ Bass
Skip Doyle ~
Lee Holmberg ~ Vocals
Marc Lagen ~ Guitar
James Lawill  ~ Vocals
Mark Magney ~ Drums
Jeff Medguard ~ Keyboards
John Nyberg ~
Gary Kraun ~ Drums
Gene Slaght ~

Jim Lawell, Gary Kraun, Gene Slat
John Neiburg, Skip Doyle
Photo Courtesy of Trisha Nerney

The above represents the first incarnation of this band's name.  Rapid Transit played the dance / battle of the bands, teen fair circuit throughout Washington.  The band's name went on for many years after with Jeff Medguard being the only remaining original member.  One later version gigged mostly in Alaska, though they still called Washington their home. Click here to see that version.

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Last Update: 6 February 2010
Credits:   Marc Lagen, Trisha Nerney, Joel Johnson, Brian Keil, Mark Benton, James Lawill
Band # 573