Vancouver, British Columbia
Early - Mid 1970's


Harold Collishaw ~ Hammond
Ted Fleetwood ~ Vocals
Nick Gilder ~ Vocals
Brian Konopelski ~ Bass
Jim McCulloch ~ Guitar
Brian McDonald ~ Bass
Don Snell ~ Drums
Ron Tabak ~ Vocals

In Memory of

Ron Tabak - Photo Courtesy of Larry Warcup
Ron Tabak

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Vancouver's #1 Rock Band 1971

Rasputin was Nick Gilder's band before he formed Sweeney Todd.  Nick is in the middle shot.

Glenn Parfitt, Royal City Music Project, February 2008
Victoria's History of Rock & Roll and Music

Rasputin evolved into the band Sweeny Todd.  Sweeny had a regional hit 'Roxy Roller' in the early 70's. In the center of the above Rasputin photo site is a skinny guy with the microphone. That fellow is good old Nick Gilder. Nick had a smash Billboard #1 North America hit "Hot Child In The City".  Also in the Rasputin photo just to the left of Nick, is Jim McCulloch, Nick's long time guitarist / collaborator.  Nick and Jim used the same agent as I did, Barry Samuels of Axis Entertainment.

Ken Wright - Tank/ Bowser Moon and more, March 2008

As per the above promo photo...On the hammond was Harold Collishaw --on the bass was Brian Konopelski.  The picture was taken at Oil Can Harry's in Vancouver where we worked with the first version of Heart (without Nancy)

In the useless rock trivia section, the Rasputin - Sweeney Todd band was started by myself and Jim Mculloch in high school.   During its 5-6 year run our first singer was Ron Tabak who went on to Prism.  Ron was followed by Ted Fleetwood who I believe is in Victoria, BC.  Then with Nick Gilder,  turning into Sweeney Todd (as there was another Rasputin somewhere).

When I left and Nick and Jim got a contract with Mike Chapman, an unknown by the name of Bryan Adams joined the band.  I guess we had good taste in singers.

Don Snell, April 2012

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Last Update:  22 June 2012
Credits:  Chandler Keeler (photo), Ken Wright, Glenn Parfitt, Royal City Music Project,, Brian McDonald, Don Snell, , Larry Warcup
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