Judy Bolyard, Jerry Taylor, Jess (Punky) Wry, Marsha Maye, Gene Staggs, Glen Suggs, Ron Covey & Sheryl Durham
Photo Courtesy of Bob Dye
Marsha Maye & The Ravins
Moses Lake, Washington
1963 - 1967


Ken Arends ~ ?
Judy Bolyard ~ Go-Go Dancer
Marsha Maye Covey ~ Vocals
Ron Covey ~ Guitar, Bandleader, Vocals
"Sheryl Durham ~ Go-Go Dancer
Johnny Hester ~ Drums
Paulette Patton ~ ?
Kim Roberts ~ Keyboards
Gene Staggs ~ Saxophone, Vocals
Glen Suggs ~ Keyboards, Vocals
Jerry Taylor ~ Bass
Jess "Punky" Wry ~ Drums

This was a little show band from Walla Walla WA.   I think they booked themselves but I haven't another note about them, their leader's name, etc.  In 1964 a teen band with a girl lead singer and two go-go girls was a novelty.  They were a danceable rock band but more "show" than "dance."

Bob Dye, February 2009

Ron Covey and his sister Marsha lived in Moses Lake and were part of the Continentals which later became the Bards.  I learned to play bass in the Covey's basement and we traveled a bit with Ron and Marsha and their parents etc... when we decided to get lean and mean for the road we let Marsha go and her parents made Ron quit also.

It started a rather long running competition with them as the mom had predicted that the new "Bards" would never amount to anything.  Marsha was Miss Moses Lake and I believe Miss Washington.  Ron is currently the Mayor of Moses Lake.

They performed a bit as the Ravins but we Bards never took them too seriously musically.  The entire Covey family are really great people and without them there may never have been the Bards.  Our competition was friendly and positive and probably helped inspire us once in a while when we needed it.

Chuck Warren, February 2009

We were from Moses Lake, Washington, and toured the Pacific Northwest for several years.  Marsha started her professional singing career at age 13 and therefore, being under age, was chaperoned by our Mom who incidently love R&R music.  Having a chaperone also made it easier to include the dancers in our travels.

Ron Covey, January 2011

It's nice to see that someone has taken an interest in paying tribute to PNW Bands of years past.

The Ravins started in mid 1963 and played a few local gigs.  After a couple of months, internal problems were apparent & the band split in half, with Marsha, Gene and I moving on and keeping the name.  We picked up Jerry Taylor, bass, Johnny Hester, drums and Kim Roberts on keyboards. Keyboardists would come and go until we found Glen Suggs from Ephrata WA.  He was young but very good.  In late '65 Johnny, the drummer, had some personal issues and left the group.  We picked up Jess "Punky" Wry from Soap Lake, WA and he stayed with the band  until it dissolved by mutual agreement in late summer of 1967.

In 1965-67, Marsha Maye cut several records, in most cases, with studio musicians in Seattle and Los Angeles.  They were released on the Debutone, Dot and R.C.A. labels. Her biggest success was "Get Together With Me" which broke out in several major markets and even made "Billboard's Top 100".

By the fall of '67, Gene and Jess (Punky) had gone to California and landed jobs in a C&W band. Jerry had moved to Seattle and Glen was finishing high school.  I was headed back east to get my degree in chiropractic so Marsha hired an agent in Spokane and continued performing with a couple of different backup bands.  In 1968 she won the "Miss Moses Lake" title and in 1969, she was crowned "Miss Washington".  Marsha competed in the "Miss America Pageant" in 1970.

We all have grown older and wiser...but still love the memories that this period of time afforded us...wow!

Ron Covey, January 2011

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